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Trinity Unlearn

We design and facilitate fun, powerful experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on people. We inspire new ways of thinking and build critical capabilities. Our signature program on Transformation Training is based on the principles of Law of attraction, Silva method, Sedona method and NLP techniques.

We offer skill based training like Customer Service, Communication Skills, Grooming & Etiquette and Personality Development, in the form of:

  • Customized Workshops and Training Programs
  • 2 hour Booster Sessions
  • Experiential Learning

Kaveri Puri

Unlearn • Train • Transform
As the Founder and Director of Trinity Unlearn, I’m passionate about empowering people through the Transformation Training Programs I deliver. I have been able to help thousands of people reach their goals in their workplace/personal lives and create positive outcomes that they aspire to achieve.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and I have had an extensive experience working in the Aviation Industry which has helped me tremendously in thriving as a cross-cultural competent professional.
My professional interests include delivering Transformation Training, Skill-training programs like Grooming, Customer Service and Personality Development. I enjoy networking and I am a part of the International Trainer Conclave(ITC) and BNI (Mumbai West Chapter).





Open Programs

REVA - Regain Strength

REVA is a tailor-made women-only program. This program will help you overcome work and personal challenges, empower you to face roadblocks, healing past impressions and live a happier life.

Joy in Abundance

This program is designed to help you live a stress-free life. It begins with an inside-out approach to make a permanent positive change in attitude.

Corporate Offerings

Blueprint to Success

A transformative approach to developing peak performing mindset in employees. Far exceeding the traditional means of closing skill gaps this method works on closing underlying belief gaps that are the root cause of virtually every employee performance issue.

Student Program

Beyond Academic Success

The programs are designed to develop in the young minds of students essential life-skills that will help them navigate the maze of life with ease both during and after their academic years. The program consists of following modules,

  • Exceed Academic Performance
  • Creating a Safe Space
  • Personality Development

Following Kaveri’s techniques of affirmation, quick alpha, and trying to leave the excess baggage of my past experiences behind has already made a substantial difference to me & my life. I have felt positive energy, confidence and clarity. I have even changed my investment strategy because of these techniques.

Sharad Kumar

Over 2 decade old Architectural & Interior Design Firm Founder

The workshop conducted was very unique and the trainer was very enthusiastic. It gave us a more positive perspective of life and taught us how to achieve our goals. The training instructor Kaveri has a very powerful personality and had answers to all the queries of people, she was very helpful in the process.

Meeta Khemka

A prominent Mumbai-based jewellery business owner

The problem with training programs is we feel good till we are in the training and then we go back to our old ways once we’re out. With the transformation training I attended and the various demonstrations that I participated in, I have become a firm believer in the mind power technique and positive thinking. Practising it has helped me in achieving my personal & professional goals. Kaveri is a master in her subject and kept us extremely engaged throughout the program. It was very impactful.

Kalpesh Veera

The mantra “You become what you think” has become very prominent in my life & I have become more conscious about positive thinking after attending a session by Kaveri. I felt so convinced that I got Kaveri to conduct a session for my employees immediately! Transformation is inevitable at Trinity Unlearn.

Moisen Evarist

Founder of one of the leading companies in Mumbai for flooring & cladding

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